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5 best restaurants with alpine views in The French Alps

We know that when you visit the French Alps on holiday, a good view is right up there on your list of things to do. To make it easier for you, we have come up with the 5 best places to have a meal and marvel at the views. These French Alp restaurants are all open during the winter ski season. If you are planning to visit in the summer, have a look at these activities to keep you busy.

If you are wondering what sort of food you should be trying while you stay in the French Alps, we have a list of the 5 most popular traditional Savoie foods to eat.

The best restaurants with Alpine Views in Savoie

restaurants with Alpine Views
One of my favourite restaurants with Alpine Views in Les Arcs

1. The Folie Deuce, Les Arcs

This is defiantly one of my favourite places to sit in the sun during winter and drink a bottle of Rose. The people-watching is great, and the atmosphere is always on point! Le Folie Deuce Les Arcs is easy to get to. If you are staying in the resort of Les Arcs, just head to the Villards gondola in Les Arcs 1800. You will see the bar and restaurant to your left as you come up the gondola.

The menu is fantastic with several restaurants spaces sharing the big outdoor patio. You can sit at the bar and just enjoy the music and free show with a glass of wine, beer or cocktail. Or you can grab a delicious burger from “the butcher shop”.

“Le Fruiter” caters to the fine-dining crowd, offering sophisticated plates, appetisers and desserts.

Le Folie Deuce Les Arcs traditionally operates for the winter ski season, officially opening its doors from the start of December each year. There is also talk about them being open for the upcoming summer season, which would be wonderful!

restaurants with Alpine Views
Le Panoramic defiantly has Alpine Views!

2. Le Panoramic, Tignes

Another favourite restaurant with alpine views is the aptly named “Le Panoramic” located overlooking the glacier in Tignes. I’ve only stopped here for a hot chocolate, but I have been told that the food, while very expensive, is also very good.

The Michelin guide had this to say about Le Panoramic, Tignes:

“This high-altitude restaurant is accessed by the funicular railway and, at 3 032m up, promises a breath of fresh air and gourmet dining, courtesy of chef Jean-Michel Bouvier. In a cosy, wood-decked interior, staff in traditional costume serve up authentic dishes typical of the Savoie region, cooked over a wood fire and made with top-notch ingredients. A guaranteed change of scenery for this shining star in the Alps.”

Getting there is easy if you are a skier- just take the gondola up, or ski there from Val d’Isere and use your lift passes. For non-skiers, take the funicular there and back. Getting space outside can be tough during busy periods, but it’s worth the wait.

The restaurant is open from November to April each year to cater to hungry skiers.

restaurants with Alpine Views
restaurants with Alpine Views don’t come better than these windows!

3. Val d’Isere, Le Folie Deuce

Sure, it’s another Folie Deuce, but honestly, these guys just know how to throw a good party with an amazing view. Sit inside and bask in the warmth while looking out the huge floor to ceiling windows. You can stare out at the mountains of Tigne and Val d’Isere and watch skiers and snowboarders wizz past. It’s one of the most popular restaurants with Alpine Views in the Savoie Region for good reason.

Popular menu choices include handmade pizzas and beautiful cakes and slices. There are of course a few bars for cocktails, beers and wine. Along with a cigar lounge and fromagerie. The wine selection is extraordinary and they have an expansive bottle list from their cellar.

This is the Folie Deuce you go to to be seen, and spend money. It caters to a very upmarket crowd, so expect to see patrons flashing the cash and getting expensive bottle service. Dress to impress. Dust off that vintage Dior and breakout that platinum credit card.

Open daily from the end of November.

How do you like this restaurants with Alpine Views!

4. Le Cap Horn, Courchevel

It has to be noted that restaurants with Alpine Views do not come cheap. Le Cap Horn is no different. Expect to pay for the view, and we have also heard they charge €20 to keep your ski equipment while you dine. So, while this isn’t a budget choice, if you are staying in Courchevel, you likely know what you will be getting.

The truffle pizza is fantastic and the wine selection by the glass was reasonable. Ask for the cigar menu if you are inclined. And enjoy reading the champagne menu- they have plenty of options for bottle service. The foie gras is a popular starter with many people ordering steaks for their main course. It will also satisfy those looking for sushi in the French Alps.

The restaurant describes itself as:

“Dating from 1954, it is the oldest altitude restaurant in Courchevel 1850. Its magnificent south-facing terrace, its warm interior and mixing the codes of the great marine explorers with an alpine farm are all spaces to enjoy a pleasant festive and convivial moment.”

Like many alpine restaurants, Le Cap Horn is only open during the French ski season.

5. La Peau De Vache, Val d’Isere

While La Peau De Vache looks more low key than some of the other restaurants with Alpine Views in this list, it is still at the pricier end of the scale. It definitely has a laid back feel with hay bales and cowhides, but many people consider it a “special occasion” restaurant, not an everyday spot.

The menu is typical Savoie dishes such as Tartiflette and Snails, along with the usual favourites of steak, salads and duck. It could be worth mentioning that they do not have a vegan option at all, however they may be able to create something on the day, or if you contact them when you book your table.

Le Peau De Vache is one of the most popular restaurants with Alpine Views in the region and we arent surprised- it’s stunning!

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