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The Best Mountain Bike Trails to Ride in the French Alps in 2022

Mountain bikes parks crisscross the landscape in the French alps, and it’s the perfect place for it. The weather in summer is moderate and generally dry. We did a round-up of the best MTB trails and parks around the Savoie Region of the French Alps so you can plan your next holiday easily.

Pack up the cars and organise your gear to create your own mountain biking adventure in the Alps, or, organise a professional mountain bike guide trip. The choice is yours!

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Mountain biking trails in the French Alps that you can’t miss!

Mountainbiking at Les Arcs, Savoie, French Alps @Komoot

Dutchies Switchbacks Loop @ Arc1600

Difficult/Expert mountain bike ride. 

Very good fitness is required. 

Suitable for all skill levels.

36kms +/-

1800m Altitude

If you are looking for something challenging that’s close to Bourge-St-Maurice, the Dutchies Switchback Loop is the answer. It starts at the top of the funicular car park and has plenty of loops and opportunities to come back to the start if you need them. The paths are varied with plenty of off-road and gravel tracks to ensure you come back down off the mountain a little dusty by the end of it.

Expect to spend around 4 hours up here for a ride if you are planning on doing all of it.

Keep in mind, over summer, most of the cafes and restaurants in Les Arcs will be closed. It’s advisable to take snacks and water up with you. The funicular does not operate year-round, so check the schedule first if you do intend to take that up. Carparking is available all over Arc 1600 and you shouldn’t have any issues finding somewhere to park.

Trans- Savoie MTB Enduro video for some inspiration

Pump Track in Aime

While, not technically one of the mountain biking trails in the French Alps, the pump track in Aime is still very popular for mountain biking aficionados.

For a more relaxing day out, head to the pump track in Aime. Over 200m of the track is available for you to use, for free. Bring your bike, scooter, or anything with wheels and non-motorised to use the track. Sure, it’s not quite the same as a rough and ready MTB track, but it’s a welcome relief too when you have an hour or so to spare for a ride.

Kids must be accompanied by an adult, and children under 8 years of age are not allowed on the pump track, unfortunately.

The address is a little tricky as it is on an unnamed road. But if you head to the tourist office in La Plagne, they will point you in the right direction, it’s about 200m from there.

La Plagne tourist office: Les Provagnes, 73210 Mâcot la Plagne, France

mountain biking trails in the French Alps
Mountain biking trails in the French Alps

De Beaufort au Lac de Guerin – Barrage du Lac de Roselend Loop from Beaufort

Expert mountain bike ride. 

Very good fitness is required. 

Advanced riding skills are necessary.

Some portions of the Tour may require you to push your bike. 

The starting point of the Tour is accessible with public transport.

30km loop

1600m Altitude

Slight disclaimer here, this track is about 90% asphalt, so not a true MTB track by any means, but it deserves some recognition for the scenery. Allow yourself around 3 hours to complete the ride. Once you set off on the ride there is not much around, but check with the township before you depart as the local cafes and restaurants might be a great spot to have a baguette or pizza after your ride.

For more information, click here.

mountain biking trails in the French Alps
Many of the mountain biking trails in the French Alps are scenic and offer a great day out in nature

L’Isère – Chemin de terre Loop from Landry

Intermediate mountain bike ride. 

Good fitness is required. 

Suitable for all skill levels. 

The starting point of the Tour is accessible with public transport.

45Kms total distance

850m altitude

This is a great ride for anyone staying in Bourg-St-Maurice or the surrounding townships. It’s perfect for families and those who don’t have their own car or a hire car. If you are staying in Bourg-St-Maurice you can pretty much just tack into the ride from the centre of town and loop back to the start.

While the ride is not exactly off-road, it is mostly on a bike path that cuts along rivers and through fields. The kids will love passing the local Beaufort Cows grazing and the ride is scenic and relaxing.

For more information click here.

Other mountain biking trails in the French Alps

Of course, this is just a handful of spots to give you an idea of the range of mountain biking levels the French Alps has to offer. There are plenty of other trails and tracks you can take.

Let us know your favourite trails.

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